It is estimated that America has a 300-year supply of coal, oil shale and other hydrocarbons. Coal is one of the nation’s most abundant energy resources, and when blended with biomass, will increase the amount of ethanol produced.

The technology offers massive potential for the productive use of the world’s coal resources because of its ability to 1) convert coal into liquid energy, 2) substitute coal gasification for coal combustion at generation plants now threatened with shutdown due to air pollution, and 3) reclaim and convert to energy hundreds of millions of tons of coal gob, i.e., mined coal that is unmarketable either due to its high sulfur or inert materials content, and may be found in piles up to 300 feet high and one mile in diameter in states like West Virginia and Pennsylvania, The BRI process could convert this waste, for which there has been no previous market, into ethanol and electricity, and contribute to environmental clean up.